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The shell shall be fabricated from tested quality steel duly welded, comprising of base frame, peripheral structure, self draining roof, entry doors and of windows (as per requirement). The eight corners shall be sufficiently strengthened to facilitate transportation, lifting and placing.

Base Frame

The base frame shall be made of pressed mild steel channel section. The main structural element shall be of 60x60mm in (20x10) and 75x75mm L-Angle in (40x10). 20' = 100 x 50mm I-channel (Beam) 40' = 125 x 65mm I-channel (Beam)

Side and End Walls

The side and end frame shall be made out of pressed sections of suitable profiles/pillars of sufficient strength. Exterior wall shall be made up of 18 swg. MS specially corrugated sheet whereas 9 mm particle board will be used for interior walls. The steel sheet shall be treated for corrosion resistant. Panels shall be vertically corrugated, sheet shall be continuously welded to top side and base structure so as to offer better strength to weight ratio. All gaps will be sealed at edges and at seams, bottom etc to prevent ingress of


40' = 60x60mm Square Pipe with 4mm thickness
40' = 75 x 75 L-type Angle with 8mm thickness


Self draining type roof shall be made out of 18 swg. M.S. sheet, adequate roof bows are to be provided. Roof shall be adequately cambered for draining of rain water. Interior paneling shall be done in 9 mm particle board with adequate insulation.


Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primer , Asian / Berger Paint & synthetic Epoxy paint for final 2 coats. (Corrosion free paints)


50 mm thick Glass wool insulation shall be used for walls and 50 mm thick Glass wool insulation to be provided for roof.

Inner Paneling

The interior shall be aesthetically finished so as to give custom built appearance with extremely high quality workmanship. All vertically and horizontal corners shall be neatly and smoothly finished with GIS sections. The paneling of side walls and roof shall be of 9 mm thick decorative laminated board.

Main Entry Door

The door shall be of external opening type made out of the same material as wall panels with door closing unit. The construction of the door shall be double skin steel construction with 40 mm thick Glass wool insulation. The door interior shall be finished with same material matching with that of the Bunk Houses interior. The door shall be provided with locking arrangement with separate handles of both sides of the door as required. Main door will be insulated and fitted with appropriate lock and power bolt.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum powder coated windows, sliding type shall be provided, made of aluminum section, 4 mm thick, clear vision glasses are to be fitted to it.

Electrical System

The Bunk Houses will be provided with electrical wiring suitable for 250 volt, 50 HZ single phase AC power supply. All electrical wiring shall be concealed. Suitable copper cables shall be used for lighting circuits. The copper cables used will be of 2.5 mm cable for lighting circuits. ISI mark and concealed in PVC conduits insulated copper wire shall be used foe wiring to be done in PVC conduit with small size distribution board with MCB protection and to separate with main supply.